Mount & Blade Warband FAQ

This article is dedicated to frequently asked questions involving Mount & Blade Warband, as well as DLC and mod questions.


How do I configure my server?     

All Warlance services have a similar method of what you need to do to access your server, but in regards to Warband click "manage" for your server on the control panel, then configuration files and open text editor on the configuration file you are currently using                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

How do I change what DLC/mod my server is on?

Go to your server's management screen on the control panel and click commandline manager. If you have a DLC installed by our mod manager or mod installed via mod manager the commandline will already be typed up for you, the commandline that is bold is the one that is active, select the one you want and the server will automatically change it to the new module.


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