Hello everyone, 

Warlance has been going for many years and we pride ourselves on ensuring you have the best quality service. However we are not able to dedicate as much time as we once were able to, and there are significant structural changes and systems we'd like to redo from the ground up if we were able to continue. That being said, it is not feasible for us to continue operating at this time as painful as that is to say. We have been running for over 6 years and for now it is farewell. 

Services will continue running until the end of July 2022, we will backup all client server data and hold onto it until the end of September 2022. If you would like to retrieve this data please contact us. Some services have been turned off for new orders and you can get a 40% discount off any new server purchase we still provide. Use code FR542022 on checkout. All ordering will be turned off at the end June of 2022. We will also issue refunds based on remaining time you have on your service if you have paid months ahead of time, please submit a support ticket providing : Your paypal you would like this refund sent to, and if you have multiple services which services you would like to be refunded. 

Please Note: 

If you would like a refund please contact us as soon as possible so it can be issued.

We wish you a happy rest of 2022, and if you have any questions or concerns you may submit a support ticket and we will be happy to answer.



Jordan & Austin


Thursday, May 19, 2022

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